Uguccioni Ponteggi


Ascensori e Montacarichi

Arrives where the cranes cannot reach.

The system of elevator hoist rack is a viable alternative to construction cranes.

Allows its installation in small yards or placed in city centres, where instead a traditional crane would find it difficult.

Increasingly used machine, from the ability to carry large loads at high altitude and the personnel so as to avoid even scaffolding for the ascent and descent of the workers; loading/unloading of materials also can take place directly from the tanks of the trucks/vans thanks to the opening of the flap.

Can reach the maximum altitude of Mt. 100.00 in height and with a maximum load capacity of 500.00 kg (with operator on board) and 1,000 .00 kg with the load of material only, because the machine can be operated from the ground by using a special control panel